Veterinarian SEO

When a pet owner goes to Google to search for a veterinarian are you coming up? Whether they search Vet Clinic, Animal Medical Center, Pet Clinic, Veterinary care or are searching a symptom their pet is displaying its vital to have your practice showing up over and over for the relevant terms throughout the decision process. People trust the top results in Google, many of them actually think Google chooses who is at the top based on the quality of the business. Many others assume that if you are at the top you must have a well oiled machine and therefore is safe to trust their hard earned dollars with. So if you are not at the top of the search results you simply miss out. You also have a great opportunity to educate the pet owners instead of leaving it to Dr. Google.

We know that Doctor Google can really be a pain in the back side, but when its your website that comes up first you get to be the voice that informs the public. Dr. Google becomes an asset to our practitioners.

If you are not showing up for the terms that your patients and future patients are searching then you are missing out on a large volume of business.

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