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When someone searches Handyman service, handyman near me, drywall repair near me, local handyman, hire a handyman, local handyman service, furniture assembly service, honey do handyman, find a handyman near me, carpenter handyman, find local handyman services, home repair handyman, handyman contractors, handyman services for seniors, handyman painter, handyman repair and the many other ways people search for you do you come up for all of the terms that are relevant to you?

You can not imagine the power of page one until you have been there for the search terms that matter. 

A fair percentage of people believe that Google manually chooses search results based on the quality of the business so being at the top is an immediate credibility builder. It is really important to educate the customer on the many different aspects of what you do for them let them know why your handyman service is better than the others.

The ability to rank in the maps listings comes down to a number of factors one is citations you can see examples of those on our local seo page. The more consistant the information you can show Google the more it helps you rank and that’s part of where a good SEO service makes all the difference in the world. Another factor is schema data and that component has now become vital to good rankings. If you would like to see how that works give us a call and set up a time to see just what we have already done for other companies to understand what we can do for you.

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