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When someone searches, IT services are you showing up? If they start researching Managed IT services, IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, Small Business IT Support and so on it gives whoever is at the top of the search results an opportunity to educate your future customers on the things that should be important to them and to steer them towards your strengths.

While you and I know that search results are not decided by hand by Google the general public for the most part does not. They think whoever is there earned it and in a way they are right. They earned it through high quality optimization, well constructed links and citations. 

A lot of IT companies I have talked to seem to think they can do it themselves yet they are not at the top of the results. Everyone else thinks that if you know about computers you know everything about them and we fall into that trap ourselves, my clients are always asking me for help with their IT needs as if I must know everything.

Local SEO is vital, a important factor on being the one who comes up over and over again is that you get to set the hiring criteria. You get to educate your potential clients instead of some other firm who will naturally push their strengths as the top hiring criteria. We eat sleep and drink SEO give us an opportunity to show you what we can do and we have done, I know you see the value. 

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