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We have a lot of experience ranking healthcare providers. Research and experience shows us that it is important for new patients who are finding you online to understanding that you are a leader in your field. Our strategy involves making you found for all of the issues that you treat as well as the treatments that future patients are researching related to your practice. When they do these searches they should see your name over and over again. It does not matter if they are searching about astigmatisms or high ocular pressure or just nearsightedness you should come up over and over again. 

We know that Doctor Google can feed the wrong information into your patients line of sight, but when its your website that comes up first you get to be the one that informs the public. Dr. Google becomes an asset to our practitioners.

If you are not showing up for the terms that your patients and future patients are searching then you are missing out on a large volume of business. People also then search for providers that take their specific insurance so optimizing for those can help on the final step of the process. 

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