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Does your ENT practice generate new patients on a regular basis from its high position in the search engines for the terms that matter to your industry? People are earache, ear infection, sinus problems, Chronic Sinusitis, upper esophageal diseases, Adenoids, balance problems, problems swallowing, lumps in throat, chronic headaches, Cochlear implants, Anosmia, Diptheria, Snoring, Tonsillitis and more every single day, shouldn’t you be there? By being at the top over and over again for all of the ways people are searching you have the opportunity to educate people and turn Dr. Google into an asset instead of a pain in the backside.

We know that Doctor Google is good at feeding your patients bad information and choking off the good, but when its your website that comes up first you get to be the one that clears away the bad info and becomes Dr. Google to your patients. 

If you are not showing up for the terms that your patients and future patients are searching then you are missing out on a large volume of business. People also then search for providers that take their specific insurance so optimizing for those can help on the final step of the process. 

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